Old Magazines

Anyone interested in purchasing some old magazines? 

I’ve got some old mags from 2004/2005 of mostly My Chemical Romance and one of Fall Out Boy. If anyone is interested check out my user profile.



Someone hacked into my account from France and made me follow all these blogs. the fuck is this?

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Steam punk


I just watched the video for Ms. Jackson today.

I am not in Panic fandom anymore but here are some opinions.

This song sounds exactly like Fall Out Boy. Like exactly. If I didn’t know it was Bren singing, I would have been like this is the new Fall Out Boy song.
This makes me sad. Before you could differentiate between the two bands, now I can’t. Where is Panic going?? Panic used to be unique and now they just sound like every other shitty band. Even the melodies are bland.

I also hate that the video/cover for this song is mostly of Bren. Fuck Panic. This is the new Brendon Urie band.

Whatever. There was a reason I quit Bandom.

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Artist: Panic at the disco

if anyone is interested i just freed up the url woodrose.tumblr.com

Cool, all of the prizes have been won. I’m closing my ask now. Congratulations to everyone that won. 

The answers are: 

When was Zack hired?

A: April 2006

Q2: What band was Ian playing in immediately before Panic at the Disco?


Q3: What was the name of the only new song played live from the Cabin session?

A:  (Its) True Love

Q4: Where did Pete take Brendon and Ryan out for lunch after he signed them?

A:  Del Taco

Q5: Which classical composition was used at the beginning of Get Me Out of My Mind? 

A: Verdi: La traviata/act 1 prelude

bloop bloop

Just to let everyone know, someone has already won the signed pack. yourpastself got all the answers to the quiz right yesterday. Congratulations Madison!

I just kinda forgot to update people. Sorry.

Anonymous said: i can't find the answers to 4 & 5 literally anywhere

i’ve read the answer to four in numerous articles over the years and five, i think is the easiest because you could totally just shazam/soundcloud that shit. i just happened to recognize the piece on my ipod one day.

Anonymous said: can you post the answers to the quiz after your giveaway ends, please? :3

yes, but i think i may have made the quiz too hard. no one has gotten all of the answers right yet.

panic at the disco quiz!
Apologies to people who actually reblogged this post previously. Also no need to reblog this individual post. Just put your answers in my ask. :)

I’ve got two set of Panic! at the Disco playing cards to give away. 

First prize: a card signed by Spencer, Brendon, Ian and Dallon when I met them in January. This pack also includes a Panic at the disco button, a button of Dallon with the skull mask thing, and a Panic Sticker. These packs were given away for free at Panic!at the Disco gig in London in February of 2011. To my knowledge they were ONLY given out at this one gig. 

Second prize is the same pack offered as the first prize though this one is unopened. The first one is opened because I had to get the card signed. This pack offers the same things, a card, a sticker, and two buttons, though these two buttons are a Vices & Virtues button and a Panic flower wreath button and the card is unsigned. 

Third Prize: a Panic bracelet. It’s the Purple and Green one from last year maybe? I don’t know. 

Quiz Questions: 

  1. When was Zack hired?
  2. What band was Ian playing in immediately before Panic at the Disco?
  3. What was the name of the only new song played live from the Cabin session?
  4. Where did Pete take Brendon and Ryan out for lunch after he signed them?
  5. Which classical composition was used at the beginning of Get Me Out of My Mind?

Good Luck guys :)

6PM BST. questions will be up.

giveaway figured out

hi guys, after a good night’s sleep i’ve figured out that I’m just gonna make a quiz. five questions, all panic related. the first three that get all the answers right they win. i’m sick of dealing with stupid tumblr shit. 

it’ll be later tonight just to give most people a fair chance. or something.